Call me old fashioned, but I think the City Council should pass an ordinance making it illegal to wear clothes that show undergarments.

I’m sure the ACLU will take issue with this, but there are laws against grafitti and other forms of visually disparaging things, and I think the baggy pants thing is a form of visual assault.

The President of LaFourche Parish, La, signed an ordinance last week that would slap those who “dress in a fashion not becoming of his or her sex” or exposing their underwear with a $50 to $100 fine plus 16 hours of community service.

Associate Editor Greg LaRose wrote about this for New Orleans City Business.

I am waiting for one of these baggy-pants people to trip walking down the street. I think we have a community hazard here. I don’t want our police and ambulance services tied up in baggy- pants-tripping reports.

However, as LaRose points out, politicians should not pass ordinance on baggy pants until they can keep their own pants on.

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The Springs is a beautiful city, and an absence of baggy pants would add to our aesthetic qualities.


  1. You’re kidding – right?

    Let’s just have them keep their eye on the important issues… Not on regulating fashion trends.

  2. Oh lighten up anonymous! Loved the mid-day humor and you’re right, Colorado Springs is a beautiful city.

  3. Umm..Free speach anyone? This form of free speach lets me know who to aviod talking & interacting with before they even open their mouths! Don’t outlaw it, I need a cover to judge!

  4. since swimsuits are identical to underwear [save for the material], they would have to be banned, too. and boxer shorts are underwear, so no more shorts either.

    i thought lon was some kind of civil liberties hero or something… what happened?

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