I think the Colorado Springs Independent does a pretty good job of what an alternative paper is suppose to do. A city with our size needs to have various media voices, and although you may not agree with them, they do serve a purpose.

As with many businesses these days, we are seeing consolidation, buy-outs and mergers. The alternative newsweekly business is no different. Creative Loafing based in Tampa Fla. is acquiring one of the “mother’s” of the alternative newsweekly world, the Chicago Reader and the Washington City paper.

I wonder if John Weiss, publisher of The Independent, has been talking to any of these large alternative paper companies? I wonder what The Independent would be worth? I used to work for a company that published both an alternative paper and a business journal from the same office. It sure made for some interesting days. The little old ladies that would make copies of the ads in the alternative paper and send them to the advertiser with statements such as “I will never do business with you because you are advertising in the alternative paper.”

Anyway, multiple media voices in our city are a good thing.