Our often-embattled congressman, Doug Lamborn, has apparently chosen to be the spear-carrier for bills which have little chance of passing, but are sure to infuriate the newly ascendant Democrats. His most recent bill, which would have stripped all funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting follwed a similar bill aimed at the National Endowment for the Arts. Both bills were overwhelmingly defeated. The PBS vote was 357-72. Acording to Lamborn,
“Taxpayers are being asked to pay more in taxes because Congress is not willing to make hard choices and balance our spending with our income.”

Maybe. I don’t doubt Lamborn’s sincerity. But isn’t this a doubtful strategy, if your basic job is to represent your constituency? Why be the public face of unwinnable battles with powerful democrats, whose goodwill you may need at some future date, when there’s an issue on the table that’s crucial to the economic health of Colorado Springs, yet insignificant to most members of Congress? That’s when you need friends, not folks who hold grudges because you went after one of their sacred cows.

Joel Hefley was spectacularly good at building friendships and alliances throughout Congress-withliberals, moderates and conservatives, with Democrats and Republicans alike. That’s one of the reasons that, during his long tenure, our city never suffered a serious defeat in the halls of Congress.

I’d suggest that our congressman take a leaf from his predecessor’s playbook, and make nice.


  1. John,

    Your observations of the behavior are accurate. I think Congressman Lamborn is more worried about being reelected than getting legislation passed. That is why the dollars on mailing. His legilaation is playing to his base which last time I counted was about 25% of the party voters. If there is another primary and only one opponent, there is going to be a dogfight.

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