Happily for the health of planet earth, the United States is becoming more aware of the need to protect the environment. We are constructing more green hotels, more green office buildings and even green car assembly plants.
Thanks to enlightened hotelier Dennis Quaintance, the town of Greensboro, N.C., will soon have its first green hotel. The 147-room, eight-story Proximity Hotel is a $2.6 million project that will incorporate many features valued by a standards program called LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
Expected to be open in early fall, the Proximity will be one of the first hotels to receive the LEED Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, the organization that administers the LEED program. Featured in the June issue of Travel & Leisure magazine, the state-of-the-art hotel features reduced water consumption, solar panels on the roof, motion sensors on lights and low-flow fixtures.
Subaru of America Inc. has launched an advertising campaign touting its new assembly plant in Lafayette, Ind., as “environmentally friendly.” According to its hometown newspaper, the Journal & Courier, the campaign says “the Japanese-owned factory sent its last load of waste to a landfill three years ago.”
Subaru’s motto is “Eliminate environmental risks of our operations.” The plant reuses and recycles everything. The company focuses on the three R’s of recycling: reduce, reuse, recycle. The best part — the ideas came from Subaru’s employees.
And now for the icing on the cake … wedding cake, that is. Weddings, too, are becoming green.
Grooms and brides are recycling wedding attire, riding in hybrid cars, rather than limousines, and looking for other ways to “go green.” Next, for winter weddings, they will be looking for green hotels and other environmentally friendly venues, rather than the large, impersonal catering halls. For summer weddings, anticipate more tents and garden weddings, to enjoy the great outdoors.
As the more environmentally conscious generations (X and Y) take over, expect more examples of “going green” in every aspect of our lives … a welcome development.
From The Herman Trend Alert by Joyce Gioia-Herman, strategic business futurist. www.hermangroup.com