If you are a weekly reader of these pages, you might remember when I welcomed Kathleen Gannon and Jeremy Sanders to our merry band here at Colorado Publishing Co.

Kathleen and Jeremy worked for our sister paper, New Orleans City Business, and lost pretty much everything in what is referred to as “The Storm” (Hurricane Katrina) in New Orleans.

On Monday night, the New Orleans Saints returned to the Superdome in great fashion with a 23-3 win against the Atlanta Falcons.

Jeremy, one of our designers, said “it was very emotional seeing everyone rallying in the city and come together in support. They were so excited and happy. The spirit was back if even for one night.”

Jeremy and Kathleen have done a great job since arriving here last September.

“It has taken almost a whole year (to adjust) but I really like it here,” Jeremy said. “I miss the vibe of New Orleans but I can’t leave the mountains now.”

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Kathleen has been hunting around for some real andouille sausage and still has to make some Cajun food for us.

“Our next all-staff meeting, red beans and rice and shrimp etoufee` will be on the menu,” she said.

Her thoughts about the football game?

“They never used to win when I would go to the games,” Kathleen said. “It was very exciting.”

About her adjustment from New Orleans to Colorado Springs she said, “I was a little depressed originally. It was culture shock but then summer came and it was awesome. I am not a cold-weather girl, (but) I sure don’t miss the humidity.”

Mark Singletary, the publisher of New Orleans City Business, was at the game.

“It was the most awesome thing I have ever been to and I have been to a lot of sporting events,” he said. “Everyone was there, New Orleans got back together Monday night.”

There was some debate about whether New Orleans should be re-built on land below sea level. It seems to me that things are finally looking up for the city.

Thanks for joining us Kathleen and Jeremy. We are glad you are here.

Independence Institute has too much time on its hands

I get a ton of e-mail. Most of it is unsolicited from organizations trying to get in the CSBJ.

Some e-mail that I actually read from time to time comes from the Independence Institute. These folks could be as crazy as the limited growth people.

A recent e-mail said that a study had been released claiming that the Denver daily newspapers, The Post and The Rocky Mountain News, abandoned objectivity during the 2005 campaign for Referenda C and D.

The report stated that 57 percent of all news stories favored proponents of the ballot measures, that 42 percent were neutral and 1 percent favored opponents.

This think tank could use its time more wisely it seems to me. Maybe working on something that would actually help our state prosper.

The 2007 CSBJ Book of Lists is coming to a close

The Book of Lists Community Calendar, graciously sponsored by DeVry University, is open for your 2007 events.

I know you are saying to yourself “pretty early to plan 2007 events.” Well, the more information we can provide to the business community the more prosperous fundraisers will be in 2007.

The more organizations that can get us their dinner fundraisers, golf tournament or Rock-n Bowls the better. Other organizations can plan, so one fundraiser doesn’t step on another.

A good example — the Memorial Foundation’s golf tournament and Junior Achievement’s golf tournament were the same day.

Now I don’t mind golfing 36 holes, but I just can’t do it at the same time.

Please supply Sue Dougherty with dates for all your organization’s events for 2007. Call Sue at 634-5905 or e-mail your events to Sue.Dougherty@CSBJ.com.

The deadline is coming up fast.

Lon Matejczyk is publisher of the Colorado Springs Business Journal. He can be reached at Lon.Matejczyk@csbj.com or 329-5202.