My cell phone battery is slowly getting worse. It is having problems charging and isn’t holding a charge as long as it use to.

I have a basic Sprint phone with some extra rubber around it so that when I fat-finger it pulling it out of the holster and it takes a tumble down a flight of stairs the brains won’t be scrambled.

But do I really want to replace it?

Joan Johnson’s retail column last week said that “electronic coupons will be delivered to cell phone owners on demand and redeemed by moving the phone past a cash register scanner.” I am not sure I want to be a moving UPC code.

I know when I use the auto scanner system at King Soopers there are many times I need to reposition the item vertically or horizontally to get the machine to sound its be-eb be de.

Would I have to take my phone out of the holster? Would I have to stand sideways, lie flat or stand on my head so my cell phone could be scanned for a coupon UPC code? This technology thing is getting a bit out of hand.

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Joan went on to write that “some marketing experts say the demise of the paper coupon is inevitable.” I am guessing that CSBJ readers are not heavy coupon users.

With an average household net worth of $1.4 million, I bet our readers have better things to do with their time than clip4 coupons.

But what if a coupon could be downloaded to their Blackberry on demand for that $45 bottle of fine single-malt scotch? Maybe there is something to this cell phone scanning thing.

I just don’t want to see people standing on their hands to get their cell phones or Blackberries to scan.

Chamber’s golf tournament another success

You readers are some pretty smart folks. In addition to being highly educated, you know a good thing when you vote for it. You voted the Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce’s annual golf tournament as the best tournament in town in the 2006 CSBJ “Best Of” readers poll.

Monday was the 15th running of the Mike Shaw Buick Pontiac GMC Truck Chamber Golf Classic presented by Charles Schwab. Whew, that is even a longer name than Experience Colorado Springs at Pikes Peak. No wonder we use a lot of acronyms in our community.

One thing, the chamber sure can get some mileage out of sponsorship naming rights for the tournament.

The community really comes out for this tournament every year. People make new acquaintances, have fun and catch up with old friends. Even with a couple of rain delays and a totally packed field, the tournament was a blast.

While it is more of a social occurrence compared to some of the golf fundraisers in town, the chamber tournament more than makes up for it in just being a good time.

There was food, drink and prizes at most every hole.

Good natured ribbing could be heard between the foursomes. High-fiving and shouts of “nice putt” resonated around the Air Force Academy Blue course.

I wonder when my cell phone, in addition to being used to scan a technological coupon, might also be used to plumb putts, determine distance to the hole using GPS — or better yet, actually putt for me.

Lon Matejczyk is publisher of the Colorado Springs Business Journal. He can be reached at or 329-5202.