There is more to business than money. For Jay Gupta, there’s a lot more.

Gupta, managing broker for Gloriod & Associates Real Estate, has developed his real estate career based on principles of honesty, hard work and open communication.

Born in India, Gupta traveled to the United States in his late teens to visit his sister and to attend college. Gupta received a bachelor’s degree from Chicago Tech in mechanical engineering in 1966, after only three years in college. He was preparing for a management career in the manufacturing sector.

As for his move to real estate, “I never imagined it,” he said. Gupta went to work with Geneva Industries in Geneva, Ill., after graduation and became chief of production nine months after his hire. He then worked in management positions with Wilson Plastic Science and Dualite.

In 1971, Gupta and his wife, Linda, and their two children, Angela and Jason, moved to Toronto. He still had not planned to go into real estate. “Maybe I’ll buy a sick company and fix it up,” he said of his mindset in the early ’70s. Instead, Gupta became a Realtor.

He joined Canada Permanent Trust and was promoted to district sales manager in 1975. He and his district were responsible for a record $175 million in sales.

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Before going to work with Gloriod & Associates, Gupta managed a Re/Max franchise. “How do you measure success in real estate?” he asked. “You can look at dollar value, that is one way.” Another method for measuring success is to examine how agents and clients are helped. The business, he said, is all about relationships.

“People are what I enjoy most, helping them professionally,” he said. Gupta came on board at Gloriod & Associates in August of 1999. “We have been the premier company in high-end property sales.”

Gupta is on the board of the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors and he was awarded a master of real estate through the Colorado Association of Realtors Education Services in 2003. He is also on the board of Real Estate Services Corp. and is chairman of Member Linkage Committee.

In his free time Gupta stays involved with the Front Range Alliance Church and spends time with his family. “Family is very important to me,” he said. He and his wife celebrated their 37th anniversary on April 27. He has returned to India a number of times and even spent time with Mother Teresa.

While working with clients and coworkers, Gupta keeps their goals and dreams in mind. Money is only a small part of the real estate business, he said. What matters is the interaction with people.

“I can honestly say, looking back on my career, I am one of the very blessed people,” Gupta said. “I’ve never dreaded going to work.”