* Association’s Name: Southern Colorado Media Professionals, a chapter of American Women in Radio & Television. (AWRT)

* Local Chapter Address: P.O Box 123 Colorado Springs, CO 80903

* E-mail: Amountai@uccs.edu

* Web site: AWRT.org and AWRTcs.org

* Telephone number: (719) 262-3114 for Amanda Mountain- president

* Date established: 1951- Nationally

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* Name of association president/chairman: Amanda Mountain

* Number of members nationally: 1,000

* Number of members locally: 50

* Mission statement: To advance women into leadership positions in media and related fields by educating, advocating and acting as a resource to our members.

* When and where does your association meet? Varies. Check awrtcs.org for events

* What is the cost to attend your meeting? $20 on average.

* How can someone become a member? Email Judith Moak at jmoak@kxrm.com

* What major events does your association have planned? Achievement in Media Excellent Awards, 4:30 p.m. March 10 at the Elbo Room at The Ritz.

AWRTCS has four major events planned throughout the year. In August, we have our biggest event – The annual Fall Television Preview and Live Media Auction. In March, we have our annual AME awards to honor local media professionals that contribute to the mission of AWRTCS. In November, we hold the always-popular Executive Speed Chat luncheon.

Next year we will initiate an additional Speed Chat event focused on major media clients

Throughout the year we hold Phantom Events at Phantom Canyon which serve as networking opportunities for our members. In addition, we have a monthly newsletter that goes to every member.

* What are the long-term plans for your association? Our long term goal is to advance women into leadership positions in media and related fields by educating, advocating and acting as a resource to our members.

Our goals are to promote the entry, development and advancement of women in all media and related fields, to provide monetary support to women for continued education and career training and to develop an elite network, composed primarily of women, in which business and information is exchanged.

We offer scholarships for our members for professional development. This scholarship money helps our members attend industry conferences and take classes that their employers cannot fund.

* History of association: The Colorado Springs Chapter of AWRT began more than 10 years ago under the leadership of such people as Laura Muir, Laura Roberts, Diane Plassmeyer, Jo Farney and others.

* President’s background: Amanda Mountain, current AWRTCS president, has been involved in AWRT for almost six years in both the Colorado Springs Chapter, and the Southern California Chapter. During her time on the board, she has initiated a college mentor and scholarship program, chaired the annual Fall Television Preview and Media Auction, initiated the first AME awards (Awards in Media Excellence) and more. Through her affiliations with this organization, she has grown both personally and professionally, in addition to making valuable contacts that have lead to numerous jobs.

* Something people should know about your association: This association offers people in the advertising and media industry an opportunity for professional growth through educational lunch programs and scholarships for members. In addition, these events are wonderful opportunities for networking with other industry professionals. Everyone is welcome.