Your editorial “On Bibles and newspapering” alarmed me. Your claims to be for free speech appear hollow.

The Gazette made a contract with another free organization to deliver a book at no cost to the recipient. The Gazette has delivered to my door toothpaste, AOL discs, candy bars, books on health, etc. I have the option of using or discarding all these items.

I doubt seriously if you would have complained had the Gazette delivered “The Hobbit,” “The Special Theory of Relativity,” or “The Reader’s Digest.”

Various areas of the United States banned books they didn’t like. Your view might play well in Boston, but in Colorado Springs I am proud that we are a free society that accepts diversity in its people and thought. The Bible, the word of God, is the world’s bestseller.

I am delighted that some organization is making it available to everyone free of charge. You have the option of studying it or throwing it away. God has given you free will. We in Colorado Springs won’t take that right away from you. We are much more accepting than you think.

Thank God!

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Jack Gloriod

Colorado Springs