Company: Front Range Commercial

Position: Managing Broker/Principal

Years in business: 21

First Client: Kinko’s. Leased them their office space at the Nevada Avenue and Pikes Peak Avenue location

Best deal to date: Leased K-Mart the old 94,000 square-foot Wal-Mart location in Citadel Crossings. He found a loophole in Wal-Mart’s lease and had to fly around the country to get the deal closed.

Sound Byte: “In this business, persistence is what is important to getting deals closed. Persistence is the biggest contributor to success.”

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Personal Passions: Family- his 8 year old son, ATV-ing in the mountains and skiing in the winter.

Consider Jay P. Carlson CLS to be pretty much of a native. He moved to Colorado Springs in 1972 and graduated from Coronado High School. From there, he attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. After that, he found his niche.

“I graduated with a degree in economics,” Carlson said. “Then a friend of mine leased a restaurant space in downtown Colorado Springs and I started working for the developer.” He’s been in the commercial real estate industry ever since.

“In this business, integrity is the most important aspect,” Carlson said. “People need to count on your honesty, especially in this industry. It’s important that they can count on you to get the deal closed in the shortest amount of time without compromising either party’s integrity.”

Front Range Commercial deals mainly with retail properties. They lease, sell and develop all aspects of the retail market. But, Carlson said, “Integrity is what keeps the business running.”

Carlson is the past chairman of the Realtors Commercial Industry Society (RCIS), and was the Realtor of the Year in 2001. His most notable achievement is passing the rigorous test to become a Certified Leasing Specialist (CLS).

This was bestowed on him last year by the International Council of Shopping Centers (only four other people in Colorado have this distinction). It is the highest confirmation that Carlson knows what he’s doing.

Carlson and his partner, Bob Nolette, are excited about the future of their company. “I’m also optimistic about the commercial real estate market, especially the retail aspect, here in Colorado Springs,” he said. “I figure that in about 18 months Colorado Springs is going to turn a corner. The next two to three years after that, business should be exceptionally good.”

His advice for anyone interested in venturing into the commercial real estate business? Carlson answers with a chuckle in his voice: “Have a lot of money and definitely get good advice from someone who knows the commercial real estate business here in Colorado Springs.”

– Catherine Sportsman