* Name: Tex Stuart. Actually it’s Nelson Stuart III, but my Texas grandmother thought that was too pompous.

* Organization: Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Group

* Position: General manager

* Hometown: Glen Ridge, New Jersey

* How long have you lived in Colorado Springs: 2 ½ years

* Education: University of Minnesota: journalism with a dual minor in broadcast and marketing

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* A few words about your company: The military newspapers were launched by Fred Bernheim more than 50 years ago and recently sold to Colorado Publishing Co., which is well positioned to take the four weeklies to the next level.

The Fort Carson Mountaineer, Peterson Space Observer, Schriever Satellite Flyer and USAF Academy Academy Spirit all have won numerous journalistic awards and serve their respective communities well.

* Recent accomplishments: During the past two years we’ve increased the reach, readership and response of the four papers.

* Biggest career break: Just after turning 30 I was lucky enough to have the ex-president of a Fortune 100 company as a business mentor for three years. It was like one-on-one tutoring for an MBA from a true master guru!

* The toughest part of your job: As strange as it seems, it’s difficult convincing businesses that military households account for a third of consumer expenditures in the Springs. And, given their various allowances, they have far more discretionary income than the average Springs family. These points go heavily against the preconceptions.

* Someone you admire: John McCain. He’s a statesman who speaks his mind. And what’s on his mind generally makes a great deal of sense.

* About your family: My wife, Linda, is an account executive for our military publications. We have three daughters and two grandkids; one born just last week. Our oldest is in the Air Force and was assigned to Peterson AFB after we moved here. Her husband is stationed at Fort Carson. Our middle daughter, the proud new mama, lives in Orlando as does the youngest, Brooke, a psychiatric counselor to the mentally challenged. We’re very blessed.

* Something else you’d like to accomplish: Yeah, I’d like to get my handicap back down to a 2&but it’s never gonna happen! I haven’t played once this year due to a bum shoulder. Once this physical therapy is over, watch out.

* How your business will change in the next decade: It, like everything else, is becoming more electronic every day. From how we collect news, prepare pages, print newspapers and actually disseminate editorial and advertising, everything continues to change. Click on the Web and a soldier can read this week’s Mountaineer anywhere in the world. Our Fort Carson Annual Mountain Post Guide is a complete directory that weighs a ton. Yet we also publish it, complete with advertising, on a minidisk about the size of a business card. Amazing!

* What book are you currently reading? Eats, Shoots and Leaves

* What is the one thing you would change about Colorado Springs? I’m not a fan of snow or cold weather. I left Minnesota after playing in a golf tournament on the 4th of July in a wool turtleneck. Haven’t been back in snow until we moved here.

Thank God it doesn’t stick around long. My apologies to skiers.