It’s not surprising the “Springs ranks 1st – for bad traffic” (Gazette September 8th Metro Section), since over 12 years ago a one-half cent [1984 voter approved] sales tax that was designated for capital improvement projects that included roads was eliminated. Our ability to fund transportation improvements while maintaining existing roads and bridges has reached dangerous lows.

On November 2nd, voters in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Manitou and Green Mountain Falls have an opportunity to be part of the solution to the dilemma our region finds itself in. Ballot Issue 1A will create a Rural Transportation Authority (RTA), funded by a one-cent 10 year sales tax that will provide specifically designated transportation, maintenance and transit service improvements. We have not kept pace with the growing needs of our community and the time to start is now by voting “YES” on Ballot Issue 1A.

Bill Knapp and Family

Colorado Springs, CO