To say “getting around Colorado Springs is a challenge” is a big understatement today. Those of us who lived here prior to 1990 know that “getting around” was much easier then. To get to an appointment (doctor, lawyer, church, lunch or dinner) and getting to work every day was relatively easy. The only time things got a little tied up was in the summer when the tourists were here.

Now the roads are jammed at all times of the day, all during the year. Community leaders tried to get ahead of the mounting transportation tie ups about 1995, but the voters said no to a tax increase, even though they had just ended a tax in 1992. I thought then that if we (the voters) could only get a glimpse of the future, then surely we should see the need for improvements and perhaps we would not have to live through what has become reality today, crowded and unsafe roads. It is much more expensive today and will be more tomorrow if we wait.

Now it is way past time to address our transportation challenges and it is necessary that we (the voters) accept it. The improvements suggested by the RTA will help Colorado Springs (and our neighbors that make up our whole community) be a place that we continue to want to live in and keep some of our quality of life by helping people to get their daily tasks accomplished without spending time on the roadway sitting in traffic. Without these improvements, in the next 5 years the whole community will really be sorry! Go with 1A and vote YES this November.

Wynne Palermo

Colorado Springs

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