Dear Editor:

Thank you to the CSBJ for encouraging a solution to our traffic congestion problems. You understand the major economic impact congestion can have on our local economy if we do nothing to improve the situation. And congratulations to City Council and the County Commissioners for taking a very positive step and placing before the voters traffic congestion improvements. They have acted on the cry for solutions to a problem that has been sited No. 1 in our region for the last five years: traffic congestion; long waits at lights at rush hour; the risk of meeting another angry driver when all you want to do is get home.

With the end of a tax for these types of projects in 1992, Colorado Springs has really not been able to keep up our road system for a population that wants to drive more. The projects that would be done by the RTA are the major, local bottlenecks and intersection improvements all over town. These projects will make the roads safer by fixing the intersection timing and turn lanes, keeping up with the pothole problem and fixing crumbling bridges. I would commute by bus if it was a service that worked. This package has some for bus service improvements, too. Like my friends, I want improvements and accountability and it looks like this one has them both.

Ann Oatman-Gardner

Colorado Springs

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