Dick Simmons and Mike Hubbell of Colorado Springs and Rick Cheever of Denver recently decided to make a major career move – one designed to utilize their extensive combined experience in management consulting and business development on an international as well as domestic level. But that’s only part of the story.

Simmons, a former senior executive with BankAmerica Corporation and Fortis Benefits Insurance Company specializes in strategic organization, operations, merger and acquisition and IT project management. Cheever is an international turn-around specialist experienced in global business development, business-to-business marketing and interactive technologies. Mike Hubbell, a certified management accountant (CMA) brings more than 20 years as a finance and accounting specialist to the team – and has served as a chief financial officer for multiple business turnarounds.

As partners in a newly-formed company, Global Business Partners (GBP), the three men are already providing hands-on counseling for emerging companies at the prototype or beta stage; small to mid-size companies with growth potential but which need help; and specialized “end-to-end” solutions for those wanting to do business internationally. But that is just the beginning.

Their business plan has already attracted a joint venture with a Boulder-based company, Marketing Concept Consulting (MCC), founded by three German business consultants who are currently working to offer assistance to European and American companies that want to expand their business into Russia and Germany. Their goal: to open corridors of entrepreneurial opportunity, trade and business development across national borders — both through high level political and business contacts.

In a recent interview with the Colorado Springs Business Journal, the newly-formed joint venture members described their respective roles within their organizations. Hubbell and Simmons have already introduced the Marketing Concepts German management team to Gary Markle, executive director of CITTI at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and to area economic development officials in order to open lines of communication for new markets and business opportunities in Germany and Russia.

GBP’s job will be to introduce the international team to the “Who’s Who” of Colorado business. Cheever emphasizes that his team understands the specific needs of Rocky Mountain businesses and their entrepreneurial management teams. “We can accept a higher level of risk to assist business owners in our region,” he said, noting that his firm elects to receive a portion of its fees through an investment in its clients, “and we are able to provide our global reach through numerous alliances throughout the world – always utilizing cost-effective local talent as part of our business strategy.”

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“Our primary goal,” said Elmar Willmes, who heads up the MCC United States division, “is to offer assistance to European/American companies that want to expand their business to Russia. One of our clients, Kremlin AG, publishes a bi-weekly newsletter with information on the Russian economy, Russian stock markets and Russian companies. We are working to distribute this newsletter throughout the U.S.A.” His colleague, Uwe-Matthias Mueller, will utilize his extensive background in finance and banking to help American insurance and financial corporations who are considering expansion into Germany and Russia, to gather information and to make key contacts.

Willmes, a Boulder resident, also hopes to implement a high-tech recycling system in Colorado. “We have a contract with a German company, PRIAG, to find licensees or partners for a specialized ‘gasification’ technology that has already been refined and implemented on a full industrial scale in two facilities,” he said. Once the Colorado partner is found, Willmes sees potential to “export” the technology to other states. The technology, as described by MCC, handles all kinds of wastes, including hazardous materials, in an environmentally friendly manner – and would focus on aluminum, electronics, and tire recycling, according to Willmes. Best of all, he says, the process can be profitable without need for grants or subsidies.

Together, the two companies expect to make history by cross-pollenating business opportunities here and abroad. “It is complicated to expand and market in a foreign country,” said Dick Simmons. “By working as a team, however, GBP and MCC can alleviate many of the hurdles entrepreneurs who tried to penetrate the European market have faced in the past.”

Global Business Partners, with offices in Colorado Springs, Denver, New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Panama, Beijing and Singapore may be contacted locally at 719/440-1645 or 719/510-2246.