A man followers call the “young Gandhi” says everyday stress, as well as stress suffered because of last year’s terrorist attacks, can be eased through simple meditation techniques.

Mansukh Patel, whose parents worked with Mahatma Gandhi for nearly two decades, told the Business Journal that many people suffer from stress resulting from the daily hassles of life, war, and terrorism.

Patel was in Colorado presenting a series of workshops and seminars “to give practical ways to harness the power of the heart.”

Through the use of a technique Patel calls “dru yoga,” one activates an internal “system… primarily to activate the subtle energy bodies by using breath work, flowing movement sequences, visualization, affirmations and mudras (ancient hand gestures) in powerful combinations.”

The techniques reduce stress and “transform negative emotions, rejuvenate the physical body and immune system, and (enable one to) find greater spiritual depth in life.”

Patel is the spiritual leader of a group called the Life Foundation, based in North Wales. His traveling entourage includes teachers of the “dru yoga” technique. Additionally, they help teach the seminars.

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The Life Foundation, Patel said, is a team of committed individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. Patel said its mission is to help people develop their “highest potential” through self-development techniques.

“Our aim is to transform the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves,” Patel said.

The group also promotes the “World Peace Flame,” saying it is a symbol of peace, unity, freedom and truth. One such flame was alighted from Pikes Peak. Pope John Paul II, English Prime Minister Tony Blair, spiritual healer and author Deepak Chopra, and dozens of other international dignitaries have engaged Patel in the peace flame movement.

Coretta Scott King, widow of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, said the presence of the peace flame in front of the Peace Palace in the city of The Hague in the Nederland, “symbolizes the continuing effort to realize Dr. Martin Luther King’s ideals for a more just and peaceful world.”

A pocket booklet written by Patel entitled Imagine… World Peace, outlines an eight-week program to help the individual examine his relationship with himself, others, and the world community.

In doing so, one is able to “expand our horizons to encompass a much greater celebration of life’s diversity, respect for humanity, gratitude and compassion.” The program is based on another of Patel’s books entitled Peace Formula.

Patel said those interested in finding out more about the Life Foundation could log onto its website at www.lifefoundation.org.uk, or e-mails may be sent to enquiries@lifefoundation.org.uk.