Strategy, Eagle, and Liberty funds, bonds, stocks, Retirement Unitrust, Charitable Remainder Trust, estate planning…the list goes on and on. The question is, do you understand what this list means? Few are experts in these areas, which is why there are more than one million licensed financial advisors in the United States. The problem is finding the financial adviser who’s right for you. Fortunately, the Southern Colorado Chapter of the Financial Planning Association is right in our own backyard.
The Financial Planning Association (FPA) is the national membership organization for nearly 30,000 Certified Financial Planners, specialists and organizations devoted to improving and advancing the standards of the financial services profession. Their primary focus is to be the community’s resource that fosters the value of financial planning and advances the financial planning profession. FPA’s approach to accomplishing its objectives involves welcoming all who desire to advance the financial planning process and promotes the CFP™ mark as the cornerstone of the financial planning profession.
January 1, 2000, was a landmark date when local members of the International Association for Financial Planning (IAFP) and members of the Institute of Certified Financial Planners (ICFP) united to form the foundation for the Southern Colorado Chapter of the Financial Planning Association. The Southern Colorado Chapter of the FPA serves its members and community by broadcasting the highest standards of professionalism for the financial services industry. The Southern Colorado Chapter, composed of the region south of Monument Hill, is dedicated to providing both members and the public with continuing education regarding the financial planning process and a greater understanding of the benefits of financial planning for the consumer and the practitioner. They are available to the Southern Colorado community by providing pertinent information to all who are seeking to choose the right financial planner for their needs. The Southern Colorado Chapter of the FPA provides the platform for financial service industry professionals such as attorneys, bank trust officers, estate planners, investment brokers, portfolio managers and insurance advisers in the financial planning profession, so they can network ideas and strategies by promoting continuing education conferences. There are approximately 75 members in this particular chapter, according to Jane M. Young, CFP, Immediate Past President of the Southern Colorado Chapter of the FPA. She advocated the importance of their association’s goals during an educational breakfast seminar held at the Red Lion Hotel on Jan. 16. The breakfast seminar featured Art Villar, Regional Vice President of the Kelmoore Investment Co., Inc., along with Steven L. Mourning, FAHP, AEP, Kelmoore Investment Co. Inc., as they discussed “Charitable Giving: Finding Opportunity – Understanding the Value.” The informative seminars are held monthly and provide opportunities for continuing education credits, professional development, practice management, and networking through superior programming and top quality speakers. The CFP designation is recognized by the Southern Colorado Chapter as the foremost professional credential in the financial planning industry. They strongly encourage practitioner members to become CFP licensees and will assist financial professionals in obtaining their accreditation.
Keep in mind that a Nest egg was originally viewed as: “The allusion of placing an egg in a hen’s nest to induce her to lay her eggs there. If a person has saved a little money, it serves as an inducement to him to increase his store.” Contact the Southern Colorado Chapter of the Financial Planning Association so they can inform you how to create your golden nest egg or turn it into liquid assets. Visit them at for further information on their next gathering. Several upcoming events will include involvement with the Denver chapter of Financial Planning Association since both associations work hand in hand to promulgate the prominent financial planning industry professionals.