Nor’wood Development Group, 4065 North Sinton Road, submitted to the city its master plan for its Wolf Creek Ranch project concerning 1,651 acres near Blackforest Road and Research Parkway, and if all goes well, the plan will be heard by the planning commissioners late this summer.
“This is the biggest project that is coming into the system,” said Ralph Braden, vice president for Nor’wood. The last development of Wolf Creek’s size was possibly the Stetson Hills development, which was started in the 1970s, said Braden.
David Jenkins, president of Nor’wood, purchased the land for about $11.5 million in December 1998 from Wolf Ranch LLC. Wolf Creek will be primarily residential with an estimated 7,000 units, along with some mixed use, like restaurants, and a post office. Fourteen acres are set aside for a lake in the upper reaches of Cottonwood Creek.
It’s not definite that Nor’wood would be the developer on the housing side, but Braden said on the commercial side, the company may have some involvement. Wolf Creek will also be the site for three elementary schools and a junior high school, with more than 150 acres set aside for community parks and open space.
The residential areas of Wolf Creek will run the gamut from 63 very low density lots with one home per acre, to 797 high-density residential units, most likely in the form of multi-family housing. Nearly 1,000 lots will be set aside for mixed use.
Research and studies on wetlands to assess the impact to endangered species started last summer, but the overall finished product is anticipated to take 15 years.
“Our goal plan is to deliver the first lots in late summer or fall 2002,” said Braden, adding that he hoped to start construction of houses in the first phase shortly afterward. That could mean houses would be available as early as 2003.
The first section undergoing transformation will be the 800-foot extension of Research Parkway, he said. Construction will begin at the southwest corner of Wolf Creek. Once that is complete, Braden said, construction will fan out from that point. The northernmost lots will be worked on after Briargate Parkway is extended.
The area’s patio homes will be as small as 2,000 square feet and the townhomes and apartments will be smaller.
Braden said several builders are being considered for the sales. “Like Classic Homes, Vantage, Keller, Creekstone.” He added that some new builders may also be considered.