A final resolution to the county’s proposed drainage fees is still in limbo. Nothing was decided at the latest meeting for developers and engineers held on Wed., Nov. 5.

John McCarty, El Paso County Department of Transportation manager, doubted if all sides can form an agreement by the proposed date of Jan. 1.

“A lot depends on the position that builders and developers take on the issue,” McCarty said. “Commissioners don’t want us to report to them until after we know exactly what the developers want.”

Several local developers continue to have questions, which went unanswered at the November meeting.

“I want to know how much the county has taken in and paid out in drainage fees, and the county couldn’t answer that,” said Bob Hoff, president of Hoff and Leigh.

“If a professional like Dean Myerson from US Home doesn’t understand the proposal, then that certainly means there has not been enough discussion,” Hoff said. “After last week’s meeting, I’m pretty sure the county engineer’s office doesn’t understand the ramifications either.”

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For Phil Weinert, a professional engineer working for Professional Consultants Inc., the issue is not whether or not the commissioners approve the system, it’s the schedule of implementation that bothers him.

“To try to do something in a hurry is always bad,” Weinert said. “The problem is still trying to accomplish too much too fast.”

Dan Potter with Kings Deer, and also a member of the developer’s task force, was the most optimistic of those interviewed about the process.