Management of Johnny Nolon’s Saloon & Gambling Emporium in Cripple Creek officially changes hands today as the Jilly Billy Bones Casino Company takes over the lease of the casino from The Johnny Nolon Saloon & Gambling Emporium.

The casino at 301 East Bennett Avenue will still operate under its existing name and logo. While Johnny Nolon’s Saloon & Gambling Emporium still owns the property, it has offered Jilly Billy Bones the option to purchase.

Robert Konczak, president of Johnny Nolon’s Saloon & Gambling Emporium, is reportedly selling the business to retire, but was unavailable for comment about the lease this week.

David Minter, president of Jilly Billy Bones, was formerly the general manager at Colorado Grand Gaming and Dining, which is just across the street. Minter has always wanted to own his own business and Johnny Nolon’s is Jilly Billy Bones’ first venture.

He said little will change physically about Johnny Nolon’s, as the casino keeps the same gaming machines and employees. However, the new management plans to focus more on customer service.

“We market the casino a little differently,” Minter said. “Instead of always trying to bring in new customers, we try to take care of the one’s we’ve got and build our business that way.”

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Jilly Billy Bones still must secure licenses from the Colorado Division of Gaming, which plans to walk through the casino today. If all goes well with the licensing, Minter said he will probably hold grand re-opening celebrations.