Mary Lou Makepeace was elected to serve as Colorado Springs’ first woman mayor. She will serve the last two years of retiring Mayor Bob Isaac’s term. She received 53% of the vote with her closest competitor, Cheryl Gillaspie, receiving 28%.

Makepeace will lead a pro-<I>smart</I>-growth council, which includes new electees James Null from District 1, Linda Barley from District 4, Lionel Rivera, Dawson Hubert, and re-elected Bill Guman from District 2, Leon Young from District 3, Randy Purvis, and Lisa Are.

All of the initiatives passed. A .1% sales tax increase to pay for open space will begin July 1 and last for 12 years. It is expected to raise $5.5 million per year. The city will get to keep $15.7 million in revenues to be applied to 25 construction projects from roads to storm sewers. Voters also approved a merger between the Beth-El College of Nursing and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. The merger must now be approved by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and the CU Board of Regents. A change to allow different hiring procedures in hiring police and fire-fighters, which should save the city money and put officers on the street faster, was approved by voters. Trolleys were also approved. The Pikes Peak Historical Street Railway Foundation needs to raise $3 million to $5 million to begin construction of the rail system to connect Downtown with Manitou Springs. It hopes to have trolleys operating within two years.