Signal Processing Technologies, a Colorado Springs-based subsidiary of a Japanese corporation, Toko, has announced it has obtained a web site, <A HREF=""></A>, to display its comprehensive product and sales information on the Internet’s World Wide Web. The new site features the latest information on products, including on-line data sheets from SPT’s high-tech analog-to-digital converters, comparators, and track and hold amplifiers.

The company, located at 4755 Forge Road, is in the process of expanding its building, going from 26,000 square feet to 45,000 square feet. With the expansion, SPT expects to increase its employee base by 15% to 20%.

SPT marketing director, Rick Mintle, believes the new web site will increase sales this year, which were already up 67% from 1994.

"We are excited about the possibility the web site presents for us," said Mintle, adding the site will be an asset for those engineers, designers, and purchasing agents who employ the web as an ordering tool.

SPT has been located in the Springs since its inception in 1983, where it has succeeded in providing leading-edge data conversion products with industry breakthroughs in speed, resolution, power dissipation, and cost.

When Toko formed the branch that became Signal Processing, it searched for a major city that was up and coming in the high-tech field. When the company was formed, according to Signal’s representatives, Colorado Springs had already positioned itself to become a major player in the high-tech wars.

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The facility in Colorado Springs houses the company’s research and development, design and engineering layout, manufacturing, marketing, and administrative staff.

SPT works with the military because of its products, which lend themselves well to radar, guided weapons, surveillance and reconnaissance, target acquisition, and navigation.

Other SPT customers include Sony, Hewlett-Packard, and General Electric.

Toko’s 1996 reported revenue was $500 million.