Doctor’s Hospital, the building located at 2502 E. Pikes Peak Ave., which has stood vacant for several years, has found a new tenant.<p>Community Health Centers Inc. plans to take over the building in a lease agreement this fall. Two additional office buildings, adjacent to the hospital, will not be included in the agreement.<p>The facility will be in addition to three existing CHCL centers located on International Circle, South Wahsatch, and Sierra Madre.<p>CHCI provides clinical services on a sliding scale and offers preventive services, well-child care immunizations, alcohol/drug treatment, laboratory, pharmacy, and case management. Plans are for the organization to take over the entire vacant hospital, after renovations, near completion, are finished.<p>The hospital consists of 103,677 square feet, which sold for $2.5 million in 1995 to Colorado Springs developer Ray O’Sullivan and Chicago native Nicholas Jannes.<p>Several negotiations have taken place for the space, including Memorial Hospital, which at one time expressed interest in the vacant edifice.The Memorial negotiations fell through due to an asbestos scare, which owner O’Sullivan is cleaning up at a cost of $140,000.<p>O’Sullivan stated original estimates for the clean up were earmarked at a less costly figure, approximately $86,000.<p>Community Health Centers served 21,160 patients in 1995, increasing the total by 19% over the 1994 period.<p>CHCI celebrates 25 years of service to the community this year.