Arrow-Mayflower, A Colorado Springs-based moving firm, is in the process of consolidating its three locations located on Durango Drive, Pando Avenue and Delta Drive to a 39,600-square-foot building that will be located at 2885 S. Janitell Road.<p>The approximate cost for the building and the land on which it is located was $1.5 million.<p>The company, a franchise of Mayflower Moving & Storage, services business accounts that include local companies such as Rockwell, Atmel, and Apple Computers. Military business accounts are also a substantial part of the company’s business.<p>The company has been in business in Colorado Springs for two years and in Wyoming since 1970. With the growth of logistic work contracted, which is the packaging of technical components for computers, the business has grown steadily, which reported $2 million in earnings in 1995.<p>The boxing of products has been a big boon to the company, according to David Ottoes, the company’s president.<p>"We get so many orders from companies who need help in packaging their products," said Ottoes. "Some of the companies we do this type of work for include MCI. We do so much more than moving, which is what Mayflower is famous for."<p>Arrow is also active in helping retailers and banks relocate equipment to their chosen spot. It is not unusual, said Ottoes, for several ATMs to be both moved and installed by his group.<p>The company employs 20, but will expand when it moves into the new building.<p>Mayflower reported $750 million in profits for 1995.