Loving his lawn and garden while bracing for the bill

For financially challenged homeowners on the west side, April is the kindest month. Winter is for gas bills, summer is for water bills. April, May, September and October give brief respite from the unrelenting demands of Colorado Springs Utilities. Last winter was expensive. Ours is a drafty 1898 Victorian house, which seems to shrug off […]

Colorado snowpack melting faster than usual

The Colorado snowpack is melting more quickly than usual, boosting reservoir storage above average across the state. The latest surveys conducted by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service show snowpack totals are below average across the state. However, they still remain higher than last year’s. In May, stormy spring weather built up the snowpack in […]

Cherokee hikes rates 87%

Customers of the Cherokee Metropolitan District are getting hit with an 87-percent increase in their water rate and a 10-percent hike in wastewater bills. Not surprisingly, many of the district’s 18,000 customers are feeling significant sticker shock. “I’m not real happy with them right now,” said Mary Hernandez, a 30-year-plus Cimarron Hills resident. No other […]

Front Range cities good at making every drop count

The Front Range Water Council, which consists of all major water providers along the Front Range, including Colorado Springs Utilities, Denver Water, and five others, has released a report titled “Water and the Colorado Economy.” The report paints a very different picture of water use on the Colorado Front Range than what is commonly portrayed. […]

Consumer, water laws take effect

Four bills buttressing protection for consumers and the state’s waterways became law today. Senate Bill 119 clarifies provisions of the Colorado Water Quality Control Act, making it clear that no part of the law impairs the state’s ability to enforce penalties for companies discharging hazardous waste or hazardous materials into Colorado waters. Senate Bill 54 raises the […]

First in use, first in right

In Colorado Springs, the water that flows from the faucets might have originated from melted snow on the slopes of Pikes Peak, from a well field east of the city, from the Arkansas River or from distant tributaries of the Colorado River. The city can claim, divert, transport and consume water from such distant sources […]