In formation: Homegrown venture capital operation

I’m not sure what made me queasier: too much of the cheese or my conversation with the weary lawyer pining for a return of deal flow that would allow him to send his kids to the college of their choice. It was Monday evening and I was at the 2010 Excellence in Local Industry Awards, […]

3Q good for Colo. VC investment

Venture capital investment in Colorado companies rose by about $20 million in the third quarter of the year compared with the second quarter, according to the  the National Venture Capital Association. Still, investment totals remain the lowest in Colorado since 1996. Start-up and seed funding was also slow in the third quarter, receiving only 3 percent […]

Entrepreneurial pitch also a chance for mentorship

Cameron McCaig cleared his throat and straightened his tie before speaking to the selection committee. Although nervous, he was well-prepared, having rehearsed repeatedly in front of a digital video camera. “I didn’t get much sleep last night,” McCaig said to his partner, Kathleen Meyer, before his turn came. Meyer, an ex-IBM executive, and McCaig, an […]

M-and-A and VC: Down, not out

Merger and acquisition deals are experiencing a flight to quality. Multiples of EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) are holding steady, but volume has dropped. During the seemingly invincible days of 2007, average multiples were 6.2-times EBITDA. In 2009, multiples lowered to 5.4-times EBITDA. “That really is not that bad,” said Chris Blees, […]

‘Sticky,’ not ‘risky,’ businesses take home venture capital

The veil shrouding venture capital funding was “peeled back” by Catharine Merigold, founding general partner of Vista Ventures, during a Peak Venture Group breakfast last week at the Garden of the Gods Club. As a venture capitalist who vets companies and entrepreneurs’ business plans as part of an ordinary work day, she brought a realistic […]

Biotechs might compete for business grants

Legislation passed the House of Representatives this week that will allow companies financed by venture capital to compete for Small Business Innovation Research grants. That’s welcome news for biotech companies, which usually spend decades and billions of dollars on research. If Congress approves the measure, it will mark the first time in six years that the […]

Springs losing V.C. battle

Venture capitalists spent $620 million in Colorado during the past three years — all for clean and renewable energy industries, but none of the money was spent in Colorado Springs.

The city is missing out on one of the fastest growing industries in the country. A report from the Pew Foundation showed that job growth in Colorado for clean energy grew at 18.2 percent, ahead of overall job growth of 8.2 percent.

CO-based COVA Tech. attracts venture capital

In spite of belt-tightening in the high-tech sector, private-public partnerships are moving commercial and academic research and development to new levels. As COVA Technologies of Colorado Springs discovered, entrepreneurialism is alive and well. In the past twelve months, COVA Technologies, a five-year old developer of ferroelectric semiconductors, has not only received multiple research and commercialization […]

Funding co. for high-tech startups opens office

A venture capital company expanding to Colorado Springs from Austin, Texas, is looking at potential investments here and elsewhere along the Front Range, said Greg Carlisle, who will manage the company for Gefinor Ventures. The company has rented office space on the 11th floor of the Wells Fargo building. Carlisle said it is looking at […]

Colorado Springs venture management firm makes it mark

Under the watchful eye of Jeff Cooper and his partners, Dick Petritz and Karl Walter, New Venture Resources is building its impressive portfolio and forging ahead with risk capital investment — undeterred by temporary technology industry contraction or setbacks. So what makes a venture capital angels like New Venture Resources take the risk? Here’s a […]