Experts explain higher education financing options

Experts explain higher education financing options

In a world of few constants, one thing’s for sure: College is expensive, and it’s only growing more costly. Local institutions of higher learning are no exception. UCCS, for instance, saw an increase in its full-time freshman and sophomore tuition rates from $4,695 for Colorado residents prior to the 2013 fall semester, to just short […]

Immigrant tuition proposal before CO Senate

A long-debated proposal about college tuition for illegal immigrants is being debated in the Colorado Senate. But the real test awaits across the hall in the Republican-led House. This year’s immigrant tuition bill would allow residents who are illegal immigrants to attend state universities at tuition rates that are higher than those for in-state students […]

Tuition for illegal immigrants to be debated in CO

Lawmakers are debating whether Colorado illegal immigrants who graduate from state high schools should qualify for college tuition that’s lower than the out-of-state amount. A Senate committee led by Democrats will hear the proposal Thursday and decide whether it should move forward. The Democratic bill would a separate tuition category that is a bit higher […]

Supreme Court rules on tuition reimbursement, voting rights and drudge dumping

BOSTON, MA – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that parents can seek private tuition reimbursement for special needs children from school districts – even when the child never received special education services from the school district. The ruling in Forest Grove School Dist. v. T. A. on reimbursement rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education […]