Bach talks about challenges, need for action in State of the City

Say what you want about Mayor Steve Bach, but he can sure fill a room! More than 600 members of the Colorado Springs business/government/nonprofit community gathered Thursday at the Broadmoor International Center for the Mayor’s “State of the City” speech. As befits one of the region’s most notable power lunches, it was a networkers’ dream […]

Editorial: Crucial moment for Mayor Bach

One question we hear at times from readers goes something like this: You’re a business paper. Why do you pay so much attention to local politics? That’s a fair reaction. Our answer is to make two points. First, between senior reporter/columnist John Hazlehurst and executive editor Ralph Routon, we believe our historical perspective from decades […]

Stormwater may turn into early city election

If you’re like most people in Colorado Springs, you’re thinking the city is a year away from a pivotal moment — the 2015 mayoral election. We’ll have the first round of voting next April, likely narrowing the field to a runoff. Unless the landscape changes dramatically, Mayor Steve Bach will be seeking a second four-year […]

City, task force take separate stormwater paths

City, task force take separate stormwater paths

  Larry Small, the articulate former Colorado Springs vice mayor, defines as well as anyone the problem of asking voters to pass judgment on paying for stormwater projects. “Stormwater funding is always a hard thing to sell,” Small said. “And if it fails, it’s not the kind of thing that you can bring right back […]

Fractious Council quintet oversteps boundaries

It’s hard to know what to make of the latest flare-up between Mayor Steve Bach and five of the nine members of City Council. In a letter to Bach signed by Council President Keith King, Joel Miller, Andy Pico, Helen Collins and Don Knight, the five declared their opposition to any “local public funding” for […]

Leaders’ C4C divide grows

At a hastily called press conference Monday afternoon, City Council President Keith King and Board of County Commissioners Chair Dennis Hisey voiced their displeasure with Mayor Steve Bach and with the City for Champions proposal, which could be endangered as a result. The two officials presented letters addressed to Mayor Bach, which he had yet […]

Hazlehurst: Mayor, councilors show civility, logic

Our elected leaders seem far more sensible and informed when they’re disagreeing via carefully reasoned emails than they do when posturing from the dais. For proof, consider this email chain, featuring Mayor Steve Bach, Councilor Don Knight, and Councilor Andy Pico. We start with Bach’s widely circulated email decrying the lack of net new jobs […]

Mayor’s appointments might ease city tension

Mayor Steve Bach offered City Council  an unexpected olive branch Wednesday when he appointed Wynetta Massey as city attorney and named Dan Gallagher aviation director for the Colorado Springs Airport. Both Gallagher and Massey had been serving as interim appointees. Mayor Bach has frequently declined to forward the names of interim appointees to Council to […]

Election brings new torrent of themes, extremes

It’s too bad that we can’t give politicians a mandatory timeout. We could brighten the dreary stretch of time between November and April by forbidding campaign activity of all kind — no speeches, no fundraising, no self-serving press releases, no “town hall” meetings, no partisan attacks. Alas, such is not the case. While most of […]

Council – time for an early ROI assessment

As this version of the Colorado Springs City Council approaches its one-year anniversary, it may be time for a quick performance assessment. It should be simple enough. At the mischievous suggestion of a prominent local businessman, we’ll use metrics generally accepted in the corporate world — those that the Council majority cited as they quizzed […]