Specialty retailers build stores around customer behavior

Status has always been a driving factor for old retail: Most expensive. Most exclusive. Most visible. But new retail is going for something different: Self identify. Validation. A place where everybody knows your name. While “big box” mass merchandisers like Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart try to create cache with celebrity brands and low prices, they […]

Workforce center, Wal-Mart team up to staff new supercenter

The people who pass through the doors of the Pikes Peak Workforce Center are your neighbors, and they are hurting. They hope for employment, and many do not much care what that might be. They have kids to feed and mortgages to be paid. In one of the cruelest years in recent memory, 2002 added […]

Halloween on a budget of about $80, for adults

Hey, you wanna hear something scary about Halloween? Most adults will spend $60 to $80 each this year on Halloween parties, costumes and candy. An American Express report said 67 percent of adults rate Halloween as a popular holiday in their households, and Americans will spend as much as $80 each on spook night this […]

Colorado Springs Real Estate Briefs Nov. 1, 2002

This week’s real estate column comes to you from downtown Manhattan, just two blocks from Ground Zero. There is still much activity in the area although retail districts have been hard-hit by the loss of as many as 50,000 former World Trade Center-area employees who no longer come to WTC Plaza each Monday through Friday […]

Notre Dame wins football game; fans spend big in Colorado Springs

Notre Dame (ND) left town with a perfect record following Saturday’s game at the Air Force Academy, but many area retailers are happy about what thousands of ND fans left behind. For many area merchants, the game brought extra revenue in a year when extra business is needed. Hoteliers, retailers and others generally suffered from […]

Air Force football game expected to bring tourism dollars to area

Air Force, 6-0, 18th ranked nationally, and Notre Dame, 6-0, and ranked 7th, play at Falcon Stadium Saturday in a nationally televised game. Thousands of people are pouring into town, and retailers who survived the soft tourism business this summer will suddenly see some dollars flowing through their cash registers. How much? And how many […]

Creative musician finds the corporate audience

He’s a pianist, composer, author, producer and recording artist – and as president of Source Music, Steve Barta is constantly adding new dimensions to his multi-faceted career. In the past six years, for example, the popular local jazz pianist and performer has found ways to integrate quality music into corporate America through commercial songwriting and […]

Colorado Springs Real Estate Briefs Oct. 11, 2002

Once again, there’s a lot of news to report. From the two large Bethesda office building and Pace Plaza retail center sales reported last week to this week’s leases and transactions, there’s never a dull moment on the Colorado Springs real estate scene. Bill May of Classic Mortgage said last week that commercial mortgage rates […]

Colorado Springs Real Estate Briefs October 4, 2002

With almost a year of real estate columns behind me, I realize how much there is to report in this ever-changing, fast-paced field – and so many stories still to tell. Downtown re-development deserves a full column – as do many of the transactions the Colorado Springs Business Journal reports each week. In the days […]

CO woman earns recognition for designing 'Angel with Attitude' pins, pendants

Angels are wherever you experience them. Jewelry designer Susan Helmich of Monument discovered the first angel in her “Angel’s with Attitude” line of pins and pendants as the result of customer need. People Helmich knows or has met inspired the other 14 animated angels. Helmich is a California product, but she relocated to Colorado in […]

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