Repair regulations set to affect small biz

Burying your head in the sand won’t make the new federal repair regulations go away. In fact, avoidance will only make things worse. With that in mind, here’s the lowdown on what your business needs to know about — to remain in the good graces of the Internal Revenue Service. Effective Jan. 1, these tangible […]

Focusing on the real cause of our anemic recovery

They create two out of every three new jobs and are telling everyone they have no plans to hire in the next six months. They’ve also said why: regulations. They are the small-business owners of America, and without them no economic recovery is possible. So why hasn’t their main complaint been taken more seriously, especially […]

EPA proposes stricter standards for soot pollution

Risking an election-year backlash from Republicans, the Obama administration is proposing new air quality standards to lower the amount of soot that can be released into the air. The move, to be announced Friday, is likely to win support from environmental groups and public health advocates but exposes the president to potential criticism from congressional […]

Colo. gov. prefers state regulation of drilling

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper says that like most governors, he prefers state regulation of oil and gas drilling to federal regulation. “Most governors are going to argue that it should be a state responsibility,” Hickenlooper said Wednesday at a news conference during the energy consulting firm IHS CERA’s annual executive conference in Houston. “We can […]

Small businesses say demand is biggest issue

Small business owners say their main concern is weak customer demand – not the regulatory environment. Owners polled said the number one thing that would lead to creating jobs – eliminate incentives to move jobs overseas. Reducing regulations came in fifth place. Small business owners see government standards as an important tool to level the […]

CO’s pot agency renting space from pot lawyer

Colorado’s medical-marijuana regulators are renting office space from a lawyer whose clients include pot sellers the agency is charged with overseeing. The Denver Post reports that the state Department of Revenue’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division will pay attorney H. Alan Dill nearly $1.3 million in rent over the five-year term of the lease, which was […]

Changes make title insurance costs more transparent

Changes to Colorado’s title insurance statutes that remove hidden fees from the process went into effect earlier this month. ‘When purchasing a home, having title insurance in good order helps buyers be sure there are no problems with the home’s title, and that the seller really owns the property,” said Colorado Insurance Commissioner Marcy Morrison. “The […]

They’re our predators

As giant banks such as Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America prepare to pay substantial year-end bonuses to their employees, we can expect a firestorm of angry complaints from the public, accompanied by calls for tighter regulation and/or punitive taxation. It’s easy to argue that the big banks are predators, not producers. Far […]