Modern military needs new strategy

Modern military needs new strategy

“The Vietnam War broke the Army,” wrote Lt. Gen. Charles Cleveland in a recent issue of Army Magazine, “and there was growing concern that the American military would be quickly overwhelmed by the numerically superior forces of the Soviet Union in the event of a major conventional war.” This concern, Cleveland continued, led commanders to […]

Fort Carson agrees to restrict chopper flights

The U.S. Army has agreed to restrict helicopter training flights over southeastern Colorado after residents complained about low-altitude training flights. A Fort Carson spokesman said Tuesday the helicopters will stay within the boundaries of the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site. Helicopters must maintain higher altitudes outside the designated flying area. Pilots are being required to stay […]

Army considering name change for Pinon Canyon

Fort Carson officials say they are considering changing the name of the PinonCanyon Maneuver Site to Fort Carson South. Fort Carson spokeswoman Dee McNutt says the name change would make it clear that Pinon Canyon is closely linked to Fort Carson and its role in training soldiers. But opponents believe it’s another attempt to expand […]

Coffman submits Pinon Canyon bill

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman introduced a bill Tuesday prohibiting the future use of eminent domain authority by the Army to expand its Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site in Southeastern Colorado. The bill forbids the federal government from acquiring property located near PCMS for the purpose of expansion if the acquisition would require condemnation of the property. […]

Coffman: Pinon Canyon options still open

In a pre-Christmas letter to constituents, U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colo. confirmed that the $550 billion Department of Defense budget just approved by Congress did not include a provision to permanently ban expansion at Pinon Canyon. “There are no plans for expansion this year, but a permanent ban, as proposed, would have harmed both the […]

What will loss of Pinon Canyon money mean?

Local economic officials are worried about what affect the Army’s decision to drop Pinon Canyon expansion plans could have on the region. Pentagon officials said opposition to the plan prompted the decision to instead use the money to buy 100,000 acres near Fort Polk, La. “It is a concern,” said Mike Kazmierski, CEO of the […]

Commissioners ask Gov. Ritter for veto

The El Paso County Board of Commissioners is asking Gov. Bill Ritter to veto legislation that would prohibit leasing or selling any state-owned land to expand Fort Carson’s Pinon Canyon maneuver site. “This bill sends a bad message to the Department of Defense and to the brave military personnel serving here around the world,” a letter […]