Obama budget resurrects rejected tax increases

President Barack Obama’s budget proposal resurrects a series of tax increases that were largely ignored by Congress when Democrats controlled both chambers. Republicans, who now control the House, are signaling they will be even less receptive. The plan unveiled Monday includes tax increases for oil, gas and coal producers, investment managers and U.S.-based multinational corporations. […]

Fla. judge strikes down Obama health care overhaul

A federal judge declared the Obama administration’s health care overhaul unconstitutional Monday, siding with 26 states that sued to block it, saying that people can’t be required to buy health insurance. U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson agreed with the states that the new law violates people’s rights by forcing them to buy health insurance by […]

State of the Union: It’s the economy, again

Addressing a demand for economic answers, President Barack Obama will try to convince the American people and a divided Congress that he has a vision for speeding up job creation, promoting spending on the core of his agenda but promising to rein in a growing, staggering debt. His State of the Union address will reflect […]

Obama goal: ‘Putting the economy into overdrive’

President Barack Obama said Friday that “putting the economy into overdrive” is a top priority, even as a new poll showed the public giving his economic policies poor marks so far. The Associated Press-GfK poll underscored the selling job that confronts the president as he prepares to seek a second term: People like Obama personally, […]

Obama wants to shed rules that hurt job growth

Taking another step toward mending his relationship with the business community, President Barack Obama will order a review of federal regulations with an eye toward getting rid of those that stifle job creation and hurt economic growth The president planned to sign an executive order Tuesday telling federal agencies to look for rules that place […]

Obama’s economist pick seen as sign of new agenda

Among the first announcements President Barack Obama will make upon returning from his Hawaiian vacation is his choice for top economic adviser, a decision that could signal a new direction for the administration as it struggles to jumpstart the economy and wrestle down unemployment. It’s far more than a personnel move. The replacement for the […]

Obama’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year

Barack Obama’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year got off to a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad start. There he was, on New Year’s Day, on vacation with his family in Hawaii, stuck on a secure phone with counterterrorism officials, trying to figure out what screw-ups had allowed a would-be terrorist to board […]

Stocks set to pop after Obama, GOP agree on taxes

A compromise plan to extend tax cuts for all Americans is giving stocks a lift while dragging bond prices lower. U.S. stock futures are headed higher Tuesday after President Barack Obama announced an agreement with Republicans Monday night to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for two years, while also renewing unemployment benefits and granting a […]

Democrats meet with Obama over tax cuts deal

President Barack Obama called Democratic leaders to the White House Monday in hopes of advancing a year-end bipartisan compromise to extend expiring tax cuts for all Americans and renew jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed. Some Democrats have complained that the White House was surrendering too much to the Republicans by agreeing to include the […]

American voices on making the economy move

It seems Washington is all ears these days. President Barack Obama says he’ll take a great idea to fix the economy anywhere he hears it. The Republican leaders in Congress can’t say enough how determined they are to “listen to the American people.” OK. Here goes. We want less debt, lower taxes, more trade, less […]