Being involved in your community pays dividends

Playing a role in our community can be good for business. In a competitive business environment, many potential customers tend to do business with those companies that demonstrate social responsibility. Also, people look to be employed by companies who care. Here are a few ideas we have learned from our community engagement that you can […]

Want government contracts? You need PR

There is a significant value of investing in public relations strategies, programs and tools when seeking government contract work. It isn’t just about churning out proposals; filling out forms. Government contracting is a complicated process, and successful business development is key to creating the relationships that will open doors to winning contracts. Between 1950 and […]

Silo marketing – not a good idea for your business

Silos: Silver. Red. Multi-colored. Often standing alone or in pairs. All across America. Perfect for a farm. Not so, when conducting marketing in your business or nonprofit. Here are some examples of what I mean: You give a presentation to tell people about your organization, event or issue, but you do not mention your own […]