Consider use-tax plan with businesses in mind

As Colorado Springs wrestles with business tax questions, it should ask the simple question of what tax structure would most align business taxes with the demands a business places on local governments — i.e. be the most fair to businesses. The traditional ways of taxing businesses are on their property and income. Neither arguably is […]

Your fire department is the deal of a lifetime

I’m writing in response to Raphael Sassower’s Dec. 16 editorial, “Eliminate the Fire Dept?” My initial reaction to the article was one of disappointment and frustration. This stems from the multitude of inaccurate information and lack of understanding from an author that has admittedly yet to find himself in need of emergency services. We appreciate […]

Shedding more light on QLI report and suicide

I applaud the Colorado Springs Business Journal coverage of the recently released 2011 Quality of Life Indicators report. This is relevant community reporting with important social and economic impacts. I would, however, like to clarify some of the issues addressed in the section of the article on suicide. This is not the first time the […]

Taking Exception: Why Academy Blvd. plan works

By Dave Munger and Stephannie Finley As major stakeholders in the Academy Boulevard Corridor Great Streets project, we disagree with the Business Journal’s Feb. 4 opinion article Academy Boulevard Plans Need to be Reworked; particularly with its premise that this corridor should not be made a focus of community re-investment over the next decades. The […]

Keating fails to make honest comparisons

Raymond Keating’s Sept. 24 column, headlined “U.S. needs less government to thrive,” showed he’s not much of a myth-buster. His first myth: Government spending will boost — or “stimulate” — the economy. He destroys this with the hard evidence of opinion polls. By his fallacious logic, government spending doesn’t work because a July 2010 Rasmussen […]

Do we really want tent camps that will thrive for years?

Is the City Council of Colorado Springs in denial regarding the tent camps? We have a crises, it’s a real problem that is not going away. We simply cannot refuse to talk about it as a community any longer. Let’s not allow this problem to have an on-going affect on our community, tourism, business trade […]

City Council shouldn’t cut LART dollars sent to CVB

Dear Editor: As a member of the board of directors for Experience Colorado Springs (the local convention and visitors bureau), I offer a different perspective on how the local bureau operates to solicit and retain tourism dollars. Many people think of a CVB as an antiquated visitor center in a world where all facets of […]

Rethinking big-ticket Rural Transportation Authority projects

<em>Dear Editor,
</em>In this current economic climate, and with the governor, city and county elected officials asking voters for more tax dollars to pay for the maintenance of our existing roads and bridges, perhaps now would be the time for voters to be given the opportunity to change how their current taxes to the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority are being allocated.

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