Defense civilian furloughs cut to six days

Civilian employees inside the Department of Defense are getting a reprieve from the furloughs in place since July 8. In a statement released Tuesday, the DoD announced it was reducing furloughs from 11 days to six. Locally, more than 6,000 people have been affected by the furlough days – civilian employees at the Air Force […]

Hagel: Carson will see ‘manpower increase’

The Army will approach restructuring its combat brigades carefully, in order to maintain readiness and flexibility, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel during his visit Friday to Fort Carson. “We had to restructure, by law,” he said. “The Army decided to deactivate 12 brigrades. That decision affects this base. But in the long run, this base’s […]

House Democrats warn supercommittee against cuts

House Democrats are advising Congress’ supercommittee to create jobs, raise revenues and avoid damaging cuts to crucial public works, education and health programs as the panel searches for ways to curb the government’s growing debt. A day ahead of a deadline for submitting advice to the supercommittee, minority Democrats from 16 House committees released letters […]

Defense budget cuts a bittersweet prospect in Springs

Uncertainty in Washington about the 2012 defense budget — and billions in cuts expected in the next decade — has major defense contractors worried about shrinking contracts and cutting jobs. But smaller businesses in Colorado Springs are cautiously optimistic that smaller contracts might even the playing field. “Smaller companies are more nimble,” said Buddy Gilmore, […]

Big brouhaha over obscure Medicare board

Remember the debunked death panels? A new Medicare board that Republicans are calling a “rationing panel” could become the next boogeyman in the nation’s hyperbolic health care debate. But don’t look for the Independent Payment Advisory Board to start slashing anytime soon. IPAB doesn’t even exist yet. Although the new health care law authorized the […]

Lamborn: Unaware NREL was target

U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn says he was unaware when he signed onto a letter to cut money for renewable energy that he was also targeting the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden. Lamborn said he was asking that funds be pulled from the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy grants and it was not intended as […]

Child health insurance funding-cut bill in governor’s hands

The Colorado House of Representatives has passed a bill that would add monthly premiums to the Child Health Plan Plus program for families with incomes between 206 percent and 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. The bill, SB 213, has already passed the Senate and is now on its way to the governor. The […]

More cuts coming to Colo. budget this year

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter is ready to announce his plan to deal with a $262 million revenue shortfall to balance this year’s budget. That will be on top of the estimated $1.1 billion lawmakers will be forced to cut next year. The balancing plan being announced Friday follows last month’s quarterly revenue forecast, which showed […]

Hospitals receive Medicare cut, long term care gets hike

The nation’s hospitals will lose $142 million from Medicare cuts for the next fiscal year, a figure that represents about 0.1 percent of the hospital and acute-care budget for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The new reimbursement rate does not yet include hospital-related provisions of health care reform. CMS officials said they will […]