‘Doomsday’ defense cuts loom large for select 12

For the dozen lawmakers tasked with producing a deficit-cutting plan, the threatened “doomsday” defense cuts hit close to home. The six Republicans and six Democrats represent states where the biggest military contractors — Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics Corp., Raytheon Co. and Boeing Co. — build missiles, aircraft, jet fighters and tanks while employing tens of […]

Groups protest cuts to NASA, NOAA

The 2012 appropriations bill – still being debated in Congress – has substantial cuts both to NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, prompting calls of concern from aviation and aerospace groups.

Congress doesn’t shut down during a shutdown

Senators would have to push their own elevator buttons. House members would go without their free gym. Food on Capitol Hill would be sparse. And the lawmakers’ restrooms? Perhaps not as fresh. Congress would feel the pinch of a government shutdown, but nowhere near the pain that would be inflicted on the massive federal workforce […]

Pentagon prepares for shutdown, military pay to be delayed

The Pentagon is preparing for a possible government shutdown Friday night, just in case Congress can’t come to an agreement on this year’s budget. The deadline to approve the budget is April 8, and follows several continuing resolutions that have kept the government functioning as Congress wrangles over budget cuts. “While the administration believes that […]

U.S. Chamber turns on former allies

During the worst of the economic crisis, the nation’s most powerful business lobby pleaded with Congress to prop up financial institutions and stimulate the economy with hundreds of billions of dollars in borrowed money. “Make no mistake: When the aftermath of congressional inaction becomes clear, Americans will not tolerate those who stood by and let […]

Colo. lawmakers gear up for redistricting

Colorado lawmakers are hoping to avoid the chaos that erupted in 2001 when the Republican-controlled House and Democratic-dominated Senate failed to agree on Colorado’s new congressional district. In 2002, a Denver District Court judge drew his own congressional map, saying lawmakers failed to do their jobs. In 2003, Republicans changed the law, telling courts how […]