Companies report difficulty filling jobs

Despite the weak job market, two thirds of about 100 U.S. companies say they can’t fill key positions, according to Right Management, a recruitment service for Manpower Group. Seventy percent of organizations reported they found it hard to recruit for certain jobs, while 25 percent said it was somewhat difficult. “The latest findings are consistent […]

Belief in marketplace

One of the hallmarks of American capitalism is its faith in the efficiency of the marketplace. This means the setting of prices, the allocation of resources and the distribution of labor across different industries. Inefficiencies are ruthlessly punished. But how efficient is it when two companies producing the same product compete for market share? Isn’t […]

Satellite companies battle over acquisition

Two companies with private satellites are eyeing each other for acquisition. Longmont-based DigitalGlobe says it has rejected an unsolicited acquisition proposal from GeoEye Inc. but disclosed that it has previously offered to buy its rival. GeoEye, which is based in Herndon, Va., announced Friday it had made a $792 million offer for DigitalGlobe. A combined […]

Colorado delegation travels to Chile for trade mission

The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade and the U.S. Commercial Service are sending a trade delegation to the largest mining exhibition in Latin America. The group will be going to “Expomin 2012,” in Santiago, Chile, from April 7 to 14. Martha Butwin, senior international trade specialist from the federal Commercial Service, will […]

VC investments up 29 percent in third quarter

Venture capitalists seem to be testing the waters once again, despite the volatile economic conditions. Investors put $8.4 billion into 765 deals in the third quarter, representing a 29 percent increase in investment and an 8 percent increase in the number of deals compared to the same time period in 2010. “Venture investment rose, putting […]

Business owner beware rattlesnakes and concentrations

At the risk of sounding like alarmists, we hate business concentrations and want to help you take positive steps to avoid them. Concentrations are one of the greatest risks you can take in business because they cause havoc and destroy companies. Having a concentration is kind of like carrying a rattlesnake in your pocket — […]