Company to create jobs with kidney call center

Kidney-care provider DaVita Inc. says it expects to create 200 jobs by establishing a call center and a clinical-research center in the metro area. DaVita Clinical Research says the new facilities will add medical, technical and scientific jobs to the area. The call center will focus on finding kidney-dialysis services for patients.

iQor set to hire 100 people in the Springs to work from home

iQor, a call center and business process outsourcing company, expects to hire 100 people in Colorado Springs in the next four months to work from their homes. The international company, which has a call center in Pueblo, said it has been testing out a work-at-home model in which employees undergo an intense seven-week training program […]

PRC announces hiring plans

As the economic hovers on the verge of recovery, it’s a message any community would be glad to hear: new jobs are coming to town. Fort Lauderdale-based PRC senior vice president of client services Mabel Rodriguez was in town this week for a press conference to announce the company’s plan to hire up to 225 […]