City manager's claims of accountability ring hollow

Dear Editor:

City Manager Lorne Kramer continues to “miss the boat” and simply “not get it” that the voting citizens of Colorado Springs aren’t “buying” his claims of accountability and responsibility in regards to the recent vote to let the City Council retain 2004 Surplus (“Clearing up source of Prospect Lake money,” May 6th Opinion Column, The Colorado Springs Business Journal.)

What Mr. Kramer believes is that only he (arrogantly)has the ability to ascertain what is truly best for this city-so, he can “justify” withholding important information from voters prior to the election-and then “blow his own horn” and say he’s a real “stand-up” guy and did the “right thing” on behalf of the city.

Mr. Kramer needs to learn and accept the fact that the voters of this city themselves are quite capable of taking the facts and discerning (for ourselves) what is in the best interest of this city overall.

We do not need to have the city manager withhold information from us and then try to “justify” it afterward with phony “letters to the editor” of The Gazette and Op-Ed columns in your Business Journal “touting” himself as an “accountable and responsible” leader who also falsely claims he’s an “ethical and prudent manager”-because he is none of the above.

Mr. Kramer would be wise to get “over” himself and learn a lesson in humility. He can start by sincerely apologizing to the voters of this city for his arrogant and irresponsible decision to withhold information from us prior to this last election.

Addy Hansen

Colorado Springs