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    February 22, 2016 at 10:10 am

    The tone of ongoing articles about the Neumann Systems Scrubber (NSG) at Martin Drake Power Plant has been misleading, combative, and irresponsible- just the very kind of what today passes for “journalism” in media in general. We can thank this approach for the extremity of division among Americans today- one-sided haranguing intended to distort and generate the worst of non-cooperative emotion.It was therefore consistent that the successes of the NSG technology should be displayed with effectively grumpy, arm-crossed, grudging acceptance by the Gazette in the Sunday paper 2/21/16.

    Dr Neumann, coming out of an airborne laser weapons research process, had a patented device to combine liquid and gas streams. With the demise of the weapons program, how else could it be used? Normal American ingenuity and entrepreneurial networking found him and some former Colorado Springs Utilities employees together, and came up with a great idea- it could be used to scrub pollutants from power plant flue gas. But it needed a pilot test bed, so it was a great opportune meeting.

    How does anyone build a serial number one product? It ain’t easy, folks. The unknowns of a strange and ridiculously compact, aged plant site, with concrete and steel built, torn down, rebuilt, and remodeled on the same site many times over decades, of a new and extremely unique chemical treatment plant, of integrating controls into a multi-million dollar existing control system, all while keeping the lights on with cheap power for the customers of CSU were immense. And immense unknowns come with uncertainty in costs. Economics 101.

    The Gazette has over and over thrown out the minuscule cost of $20M for a pilot plant as the “initial cost estimate” of the finished product. Rubbish! Two full sized units are finally being finished at the even more ridiculously low cost of $90M each. That’s half the cost per unit of Nixon’s scrubber, with decades-old but previously proven technology.

    The grudging acceptance of the Gazette that the NSG system is performing even better than advertised is sad- sad in that a local company, using local workers and local companies, partnered with one of the least cost utility providers in the state to come up with and achieve initially awesome results. I hope some national media outlet will get hold of this story and tell the success that it truly is.

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