Zen and the Art of Website Maintenance

Go to The Gazette’s website. Click the local news link on the top left of the home page. Scroll down to Colorado Government News, and this is what you get. I added the datelines – all four stories came from the Associated Press.

Colorado Government News

• In D.C., a call for rebirth amid claims of a hijacked MLK (12/29/2010)

• Colorado shortchanged incarcerating foreign-born inmates (01/12/2010)

• Gov. Ritter will serve meals at Denver Rescue Mission (12/25/2009)

• Ritter’s climate adviser resigns side job (11/16/2009)

There’s something happening here, and what it is ain’t exactly clear. We could make fun of The Gazette for not bothering to update their news page for three years, but there may be larger forces at work. Here are some guesses.

– Gazette employees are so dedicated to the print product that they never, ever look at the web.

– The paper’s anti-government editorial policy has filtered down to the folks who update the website. Government news is bad news, so let’s not have any!

– It’s a test, a not-so-subtle attempt to find out whether anyone bothers to read about Colorado government. And if no one complains or notices, why bother to change?

– It’s The Gazette’s own Zen ko’an, a way of penetrating the veils of illusion and arriving at enlightenment. What is news? And what does it matter? Governor Ritter, or not Governor Ritter? This is the frothy surface of the world, as transitory and meaningless as your last facebook post, just electrons dancing on one of your screens. There is no news, there are no messages, only maya, dust motes shimmering in the sunlight, distracting us from the eternal. Read the stories, or don’t read them – examine your feelings, and discard them. As Baba Rum Raisin (or was it Baba Ram Dass?) once said: Be Here Now! Even if now is November 16, 2009.

The last alternative is clearly the only logical explanation.

Thank you, O great guru, for showing me The Way.

And please, please leave the website just as it is. We’ll take care of Colorado government news…

  • Staci Lynne Holdt

    But who will now take care of city news now that the Gazette ‘rolled-over’
    for Bach and how empty will be the website on in-depth city stories?