Sunday on the Town attendance down

While the final numbers aren’t in,  ticket sales for this year’s Sunday on the Town event were “softer” than previous years.

The annual event is billed as a chance to showcase downtown restaurants, retail and culture – as well as to raise money for the Colorado Springs Philharmonic.

This year, 21 restaurants offered samples of their cuisine and the streets were stages for live music and arts performances.

Tickets cost between $25 and $30, depending on when they were purchased, but getting shoppers and diners to buy into the idea has been a challenge.

“We are still tallying all the final numbers,” said Denise Shaw, who coordinated the event for the Downtown Partnership. “I can tell you that attendance was a little down from previous events.”

Final numbers are expected to be available later this week.

  • RJF

    The event was poorly promoted & advertised. Like most events in Colorado Springs promotion was “done on the cheap!”

  • Ken G

    Agreed w/RJF – this is the first I’ve heard of this event. If we want to re-build downtown, then spend the marketing money needed to promote events like this one to build attention and attendance…

  • Paul Franks

    This was the first time I heard of the event also. I know several people who would love an event like this.

  • Susan

    The event was advertised in the Gazette’s weekly Go! section. It was promoted through the Downtown Partnership’s newsletter, its web site, on and, I’m guessing, in communications from the Colorado Springs Philharmonic as well — since the event is a fundraiser for both organizations. They are nonprofit organizations and that sector, usually operating on very limited funds, has seen dramatic decreases in donations in this economy.

    If you are interested in events Downtown, bookmark the web site, sign up for emails from, and ask the Downtown Partnership to put you on their email list!

  • Phliped

    Before I read the other comments, my first reaction was that I had heard nothing. Just like everyone else. I rarely read the Gazette. I don’t go to I get nothing from the CS Philharmonic.Down town partnership website? First I have ever heard of it (I did bookmark it). I do listen to the radio and read the CS Business Journal and occasionally the Independent. I also would have loved to go! You can expect soft numbers if you don’t advertise. Get some sponsorships. All of the media outlets will help for the right reasons.

  • RJF

    Obviously 3 OUT of FOUR comments stated that they knew little or anything about the event. Therefore the Advertising/Promotion was inadequate & I’m sick & tired of non-profits getting away with doing a lousy job simply because of their lament of limited resources! And just How Many “hits” did the aforementioned websites specifically generate?

    Done on the cheap …… No two ways about it!