Sen. Udall: there’s a hunger for unity in Congress

Colorado Sen. Mark Udall says a campaign to get Democrats and Republicans to sit together rather than by party during the president’s State of the Union address is gaining support.

The Democrat said Monday that 22 senators and nine House members have signed a letter endorsing the effort he announced last week to promote unity Congress. Udall’s staff says Republican Sens. John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins are among those saying they’ll mix it up during the Jan. 25 speech.

Udall says he believes there’s a hunger for unity and easing of the divisive political rhetoric that has been so rampant.

Udall says he received positive comments about his effort while taking part in Denver’s Martin Luther King Jr. celebration Monday.

  • Christopher Colvin

    There sure as heck wasn’t a hunger when you idiots were in power. What changed all of a sudden?