No full-strength beer in grocery stores

Legislation to let convenience stores and groceries in Colorado sell full-strength beer was killed yesterday in the House.

The bill died on a standing division in the House, with only 18 members — 12 of them Republicans — rising in support of House Bill 1284, well under the 33 votes necessary for approval.

Senate Bill 1284’s sponsor, Rep. Larry Liston, R-Colorado Springs, had amended the bill to allow liquor stores to sell snack foods and to allow small liquor stores to own multiple locations. But it was not enough to convince legislator to overturn Colorado’s longtime liquor law.

Under the state law that is nearly 80 years old, only liquor stores may sell full-strength beer, wine and spirits. Convenience stores and groceries are permitted only to sell “fermented malt beverage” — 3.2 beer.