Memorial consultant to be paid $285,000

The consultant hired to help guide the Commission on Ownership and Governance of Memorial Health System will be paid $285,000 for his work.

The contract Larry Singer signed with Memorial Health System – which will be paying the bills – covers the period between this month to April 2011, and also includes travel expenses.

“I work only on a project fee basis,” Singer wrote his contract. “I determine project fees by considering two primary factors: the scope of the project and its impact on the organization, and the time to be expended on the project, including the type and scope of the work to be undertaken.”

After a lengthy interview process, Singer was chosen  by the commission to help facilitate its work in determining recommendations to make to the Colorado Springs city council concerning Memorial’s future.

Singer has agreed to provide a “thorough understanding” of the current strategic, financial, quality and patient-care access of Memorial, and the market position needed for the system to thrive into the future. He is also asked to develop a process to explore alternative models of ownership and governance for Memorial.

  • Liam

    Nice work if you can get it.

    Sounds excessive, IMO, but hey! If you can shell out a quarter mil for the booze tent at a Broadmoor PGA event what’s anoth $285k for a study? Memorial’s got it, right?

  • Ken

    Here are the problems i see here

    1. “the Lengthy Interview process” I was there for it and it consisted of a presentation that had no bearing on Memorials situation. The commission asked him no relevent questions. I interview my gardiner harder than that. So after the interview i asked him “how can we be asured that he wasnt brokering the sale of memorial with some of his clients” his answer was “you cant be” this tells me thats exactly what he is doing.

    2. Shouldnt we just get rid of the commission? They now have a consultant doing what they were appointed to do. This shows how inept our city council is that they put together a commission with no knowledge of healthcare. WOW! Two reasons that could be. One is they are just that clueless or two they wanted a commission they could steer in the direction they want.

    3. Now if we sell to a for-profit the city gets nothing. They might be able to do it with a NON-profit. Here is the huge pothole in that road, the for-profits are the only ones that have the means to buy Memorial. I called and discussed this with both non and for-profit clients of mine and they agree.

    As this proceeds and more harmful wrong discisions are made no one is going to want to put money in to memorial. They wont want to be associated with cronic bad governance. hopefully these people will get thier stuff together but by thier track record that wont happen.

  • Matt

    Wait a minute, I thought Memorial was a non-profit medical provider meant to help the people of Colorado Springs and El Paso County. Well, its easy to see why Memorial is non-profit but what about the people they are supposed to be helping? Memorial shouldn’t further line the pockets of people that all ready have more money that they know what to do with. This is absurd.

  • Ken G

    I’m going with Liam, $285k for ONE YEAR of consulting work. Includes T&E, where is this guy coming from – Europe each week?

    We dumped $60k to an Austin consultant WHO TOLD US WHAT WE KNEW ALREADY……

    This consulting money could be used to EMPTY the trash cans at the parks that were taken away……

    I opened yesterday’s USA Today (while I’m traveling on business in San Diego) and smack dab in the middle story, bottom of the front page is a story about cities cutting back pools and parks. Colorado Springs is in the article with the MOST drastic measures taken…..good grief….publicity WE do not need.

    Our inept council at it again – spend money that would be better used to keep services available.

    Please remember – private hospitals have the RIGHT to refuse service to patients without insurance. IF they choose to provide service, the local municipality will be BILLED for the service (profit included)at customary profitable rates, not at cost.

    Wake up El Paso County….