Forbes rates Denver as America’s best city to buy a home

Denver is America’s best city to buy a home, according to a Forbes magazine ranking of the top 25 large U.S. metro areas.

Phoenix was ranked No. 2 , followed by Boston, San Diego and Los Angeles. Las Vegas and Detroit rounded out the bottom of the list.

Colorado Springs was not included on the list.

Forbes said Denver had 25 percent of its property sales occur within about 25 percent of the city’s ZIP codes.

That means sales in various parts of the city were fairly evenly distributed, showing proportionate activity, Forbes said. The further a city deviates from the 25 percent mark, the less evenly distributed the market is in that city, and thus the lower that city ranks.

The report ranked the areas on the basis of change in price per square foot, frequency of real-estate transactions, and how evenly distributed home-sales activity is in a metro area.