Colorado teen job prospects brighter


Colorado labor officials say job prospects for teenagers are brighter this year.

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment says the number of job postings and employers at youth hiring fairs are up this year for adults and teenagers.

The most recent state jobs numbers show an unemployment rate of about 26 percent for teenagers, compared with nearly 8 percent for adults and teenagers in April.

  • Peggy Masias

    My daughter has previous restaurant experience, has managed the boys soccer team and makes good grades. She has applied for 50 to 75 jobs and has only had one interview for a summer job, there were 90 applicants for one 20 hour a week job.

    We haven’t seen nor have we felt the rosy impact of the “teen” job market.

  • Jefferson County Youthworks


    Bring your daughter to our youth room at the Jefferson County workforce, M-F 9a-5p except W 11-5. We would be able to assist her in marketing herself and job search. Certainly, it is a tough time for both teens and adults. We would love to do what we can to assist her in finding employment. If Jeffco is too far, each county has their youth program at the specific county’s workforce center. Check out our website and facebook for job postings and more information on how we help youth.