Colo. moving ahead with state health exchange

A new marketplace for health insurance could be headed to Colorado.

Democrats, Republicans and Gov. John Hickenlooper announced an agreement on a so-called health exchange this week.

The health exchange was set to be introduced in the Senate with bipartisan support.

Health exchanges are insurance marketplaces where customers can comparison shop. Supporters say they pull down prices and help more people afford coverage.

Health exchanges are a key component of last year’s federal health care overhaul.

Colorado is among the states suing to block part of that overhaul, but many states are also moving forward with in-state health insurance exchanges. The federal law says that states have until 2014 to create exchanges, or the federal government will develop exchanges for them.

  • Lacy Cronkhite

    We have this already… It’s called Health Insurance Brokerage firms… this is another way of this truly stupid administration shoving their socialist health care onto the people of Colorado… Competition keeps prices down! Markets that are controlled by one single group is called a monopoly and a run away train. Kind of like our Trillion dollar deficite.. This government can’t balance a budget or control it’s spending. We won’t even mention the roads or bridges in this state that are falling apart. But hey, let’s give them our healthcare. WOW that makes since. All this is going to do is cost the tax payers of Colorado a lot of money, not to mention eliminating jobs and increasing unemployment.