AG files suit against magazine subscription companies

A series of Denver, Lakewood, Littleton and Wheatridge magazine-sales telemarketing companies are being sued by the state’s attorney general.

John Suthers claims the companies deceived and defrauded consumers in Colorado.

“There is strong evidence that these companies and individuals preyed on the elderly and consumers with cognitive disabilities – society’s most vulnerable,” he said. “Businesses whose business models are reliant on fraud have no place in Colorado.”

The telemarketers are accused on contacting consumers who already had magazine subscriptions and then pretending to be the publishing company. Defendants then obtained credit card numbers under false pretense and offered to lower consumers’ payments, when they actually were trying to sign up consumers for new magazines costing up to $1,298. They are also suspected of sharing consumers’ financial information to sign people up for magazines they had not purchased.

The AG’s complaint seeks to bar 21 defendant companies, and the Rocky Mountain Readers’ Service, from engaging in deceptive telemarketing. Suthers is also seeking restitution for the victims.