Name Title Email
Vanessa Nagel CSBJ Account Executive Contact Vanessa
Aimee Grable CSMNG Account Executive Contact Aimee
Tammy Fogall CSMNG Account Executive Contact Tammy
David Alley CSBJ Account Executive Contact David
Josh Green CSBJ Account Executive Contact Josh
Ralph Routon Executive Editor Contact Ralph | @ralphrouton
Amy Gillentine Editor Contact Ralph | @amygillentine
Marija Vader Associate Editor Contact Marija | @marijabvader
John Hazlehurst Senior Reporter Contact John
Cameron Moix Staff Reporter Contact Cameron | @cammoix
Bryan Grossman Staff Reporter Contact Bryan
Andrea Stone Researcher and Marketing Assistant Contact Andrea
Public Notice
Robyn Kirk Transcript Manager Contact Robyn
Jake Saliba Circulation Coordinator Contact Jake
Ryan Hannigan Production Director Contact Ryan | @ryanhannigan
Rowdy Tompkins Graphic Designer Contact Rowdy
Melissa Edwards Graphic Designer Contact Melissa
Francis J. Zankowski CEO Contact Francis | @franzan
Jenifer Furda Associate Publisher
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