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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Red Light Camera

    May 4, 2015 at 8:12 am

    Regarding Red Light Cameras
    Dear Editor,

    Why does the media contribute to the dumbing down of America? Everyone is missing the central point. The red light camera argument should be about safety.

    Teach Americans to start asking intelligent questions and they will learn:

    “The real reason why red light cameras do not improve safety is because they
    do not address the core flaw in the safety plan (Guessing at the yellow light).”
    So long as drivers are forced to guess you do not have a safety plan
    (You have a recipe for disaster). We’re asking drivers to make a life and death decision yet we fail to give them any meaningful data to help them make that decision. (Every light is timed
    differently and human perception of time and distance varies according to stress levels. Individual opinion -for the solution- causes conflict and that conflict causes accidents. )

    The cameras don’t give us any information. They only penalize us for guessing wrong.
    Beating the children doesn’t make them guess better. Then again, the camera companies don’t care if the children learn to guess better (Only that the beatings continue).

    I get why the government doesn’t want to address this; In addition to the obvious
    cash flow incentives there is the liability issue no one wants to discuss. (They’re afraid admitting to a flaw in the safety program makes them liable for the 9,000 deaths and over 700,000 injuries
    that occur each year).

    What I don’t get is; Why the media doesn’t want to expose the government for failing to perform due diligence to protect American Citizens?

    Instead of a SUBJECTIVE system of asking drivers a question (What do you think you should do when the light turns yellow?). We need an OBJECTIVE method (paint and signs) that gives them
    answers. See #StopGoLine: (GO: If you pass this point before the light turns yellow. or STOP: If the light turns yellow before you pass this point.) Full details are found on the website

    We care about your safety. Show us you care about the safety of Americans in your community and publish this letter to the editor.

    Thank you
    George Finn
    This letter is posted on

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